Friday, May 17, 2013

Follow up on attiude

Today I revisited the location where the person with the attitude problem works. I was happy to talk to the RGM about the situation.  He said that she came to him and asked why I hadn't come directly to her with the issues. He explained that I felt that she wasn't being respectful and appreciative of my feedback/coaching.  Later she asked me if I felt that her attitude was improved. I told her yes and I also told her that I was glad she spoke to her manager about the situation. I agreed that I would come to her in the future with any problems. I also told her that if she had any questions or problems, she could come to me about them.  It was good to have a conversation about the problem and to work it out. It isn't always that simple, but when a person wants to do better at their job, as this young lady does, they will work it out.  I hope that she continues to grow and develop as a manager and that she is successful.

Sometimes we have to take different approaches to resolve issues.  Everything can't be handled exactly the same way.

Training is not a one - time event - it is an ongoing journey...Learn it...Live it...Pass it on!

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