Wednesday, February 13, 2013

More on maintaining

If you really want to maintain the high level of training that you have given to your team members - you must get all of your managers on board with the Maintaining part of the process. It is very easy to fall into the trap of expecting the #1 manager to do all the training and work. The #1 person would be the General Manager or whatever title your organization gives to the top banana in the establishment.  If that person tries to do it all...they will fail. It may not be today or tomorrow, but eventually things will start to fall apart.

Train and develop your management team to execute your training process the same way that you do.  This is another level of TEAM - this level is for training your managers.  Part of their training has to be training them to train!  It follows the same pattern...Train them...let them know what your Expectations are -hold them Accountable for meeting those expectations  and work with them to Maintain the system.

You and your management team must follow the tag line...train - follow up...continue to train...continue the journey.  Trust but Verify!!!  Observe what your team members are doing. Watch them when they don't know you are watching them.  When you see them doing something the wrong way - stop them and review the proper procedure.  If you or a member of your team allows them to do the task the wrong way - that will become the habit.  Remember 'Silence Gives Consent'...if you see it and don't say anything they will either -

  • think they are doing it right
  • think it doesn't matter if they do it right
  • think you don't care if they do it right
When that happens it can cause a downward spiral of improper procedures.  Generations of employees later - people may still be doing it the wrong way because the person who trained them was trained by the person who was trained by the person who did it wrong and wasn't corrected.  

All four steps of TEAM go hand in hand and are a continuous ongoing process.

Train for, ask for and expect support from your management team.  Training needs to be a part of their annual evaluations. If they aren't supporting this essential element of running a business - they aren't doing their job.

Training is not a one - time event - it is an ongoing journey...Learn it...Live it...Pass it on!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

a few words on Maintaining

Sorry for my absence...real life training and a bout with food poisoning called me away!  I husband really thinks it is comical when the 'queen of safe food handling' gets sick from eating something bad.

Maintaining all of the work you have done to this point in the training process can be a big challenge.  This is especially true if you have a management team that isn't up to your level of performance.  That opens a whole new door in training - Management training!!  Yes - we will discuss that - but for now, let's talk about how you can work to maintain the level of performance to which you have trained your team.

If you Train properly and effectively; set Expectations for your trainees/employees; hold your team Accountable to the training and standards; you must keep this going by working to Maintain the performance.

You can't sit back and say - ok...they are doing it right today - so they are going to do it right forever.  Remember the tag isn't a one time event - it has to be a on going journey.

The documentation that you had trainees sign off on as they completed their training can really come in handy here.  You have a file on each person. You trained them and you documented that they completed the training.  You have to continually coach people to keep doing the right thing.  Your long-term employees are the ones who are the most likely to find short-cuts and new ways of doing things. They think that they know the job or task so well that they no longer have to look at the standards - they just do it without having to look anything up. This may be true and it is great to have a team who knows their job well - but beware.  As Ronald Reagan (whose birthday happens to be today) said "Trust but Verify".  Trust that they are doing it right - but continue to watch them and verify that they are doing it right. You might be surprised how someone you trust to do the task correctly has come up with their own short cut and doesn't even realize they aren't doing it right anymore.

We will talk about some ways to maintain standards next time.

Congratulations to the Baltimore Ravens on their Super Bowl win!!!

Training is not a one - time event - it is an ongoing journey...Learn it...Live it...Pass it on!