Wednesday, January 2, 2013

How to train...

How will you train?  What will be your means to sharing the information with your trainees?  In today's high-tech workplace you have a couple of options. You can go old school and do only hands-on training.  On the Job Training is a necessary method to use at least as part of your system if you are training people on things such as using a POS (point of sale) system to ring up merchandise or orders or preparing menu items.  Videos can be a very effective way to present some of the training that is required for safety and security, fire prevention and anti-harassment.  If you don't have videos available to you - simply search "training videos for the workplace" and you will find companies that produce generic videos that can be used for any organization - you will just need to find the one that suits your needs.

As far as training that is specific to your business - unless you are associated with a major brand - your best bet is doing the hands on training yourself - or utilizing a certified trainer that we talked about in an earlier post.  Along with the on the job training- you should have training materials - such as books or paper-based tests.  I have created training resource books and/or binders to give to management trainees.  You can either print and copy the materials that you want to share with your trainees and organize them into a binder or go to any business that does custom printing to have your books printed.  Some of the things that should be included in a training binder are:

  1. Training plan/schedule - this will help the trainer and the trainee to stay on track
  2. Study materials (this can range from menus and instructions for preparing foods to examples of your register layout.  Basically anything that needs to be memorized by the trainee)
  3. Knowledge tests the trainee will be required to take throughout the training
  4. Copies of other job aids that the trainee needs to be familiar with
One very important thing to keep in mind when you are putting together your system is it's practicality.  Will it work? Is it going to easily be integrated into the work place?

Stay tuned...there is much more to come!

Training is not a one - time event - it is an ongoing journey...Learn it...Live it...Pass it on!

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