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We have discussed the training process at length. There is still more to come on that topic -but I want to spend some time talking about setting expectations.

I use the acronym TEAM to spell out my plan for training and keeping the trainee on track long after the training is over.  You know my is at the bottom of every post Training is not a one time event - it is an ongoing journey!!  Training keeps on going - but it changes as an employee goes through their career with your company.  In the beginning they are learning everything knew - and how to do each task that is required of them.  As time goes on they are being tested and evaluated to make sure that they are continuing to do things properly and to the standards that you have set.  Let's take a look at TEAM:

Training - we have covered the basics here and will discuss it more later
Expectations - We discussed this briefly when we talked about orientations - but I want to go into more detail here
Accountability - I did a post on this earlier - Accountability-silence-gives-consent in case you want to review
Maintenance - Keep it going - continually observe and evaluate the employee - make sure they are doing the right thing all of the time.

As you can see by the title of this post - it is time to talk more about setting expectations.

What are your expectations?  Some simple, basic expectations that every employer should have- no matter what the industry or organizations are as follows:

  1. Coming to work on time
  2. Dressing in the proper uniform or to the proper dress code
  3. Not coming to work under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs
  4. Not harassing or discriminating against other employees
  5. Conducting oneself in an appropriate and professional manner at all times
  6. Following directions that are given by their supervisor
We could add more things to this list, but this is a good start.

Of course - employees have reasonable expectations of their employers. If you are the employer - you must:

  1. Treat all employees fairly and ethically (this is the law - not just a good idea - if you aren't aware of the Civil Rights act of 1964 - check it out.)
  2. Pay employees for what they work - on a reasonable schedule - whether it be every week or every two weeks - employees expect and deserve to be paid on time
  3. Provide adequate breaks
  4. Provide adequate TRAINING!! - this is the root of what I want to teach you on this blog - you can't expect people to do the job the right way if you don't teach them the right way!!
This list should be much more extensive - but it will do for the discussion at this time.

As I said in the orientation post - from day one - tell them what you expect of them.  Have them sign paperwork stating that they are going to be held accountable to follow your company policies and expectations.  

When you do your part - teach them what they need to know - and how they are expected to behave - and you behave in the same ethical and reasonable manner - you will have begun to build a great culture in your business.

Training is not a one - time event - it is an ongoing journey...Learn it...Live it...Pass it on!

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