Saturday, December 15, 2012

treat everyone equally...that doesn't mean the same...

All employees must be treated equally...that should go without saying.

You don't, however treat all people the same. I think I confuse people sometimes when I make this statement. This is what I mean

You have many different employees...all with different personalities.  If you are a good leader - you can adapt to working with all kinds of personalities.  You also will get to know your people and understand how to handle them in certain situations.  You will know that some people are more sensitive than others. You still have to hold them to the policies and standards  but the way that you talk to them or approach them may be different.  You might have a person who can take anything you say to them and never get upset and the person working next to them will cry if you aren't very careful how you correct them.  As  leader - you have to learn how to deal with varying personalities and help each person to be a productive part of your team.

When it comes to holding people accountable - you have to be fair and equal.  You can't write one person up for violating a policy, but completely ignore the fact that another person did the same thing.  If one or more people aren't disciplined for violations - the other people who have been reprimanded will get tired of this treatment and decide they don't want to work for you anymore.  

If you are going to put policies in place you must be prepared to take equal action when people don't live up to your expectations.

Training is not a one time is an ongoing journey...learn it...pass it on!

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