Thursday, December 27, 2012

Teach....Let's get started!

You have planned for training and trained a trainer to help you to execute the training.. the next step is Teach!  I like to use the word teach because when you are training - you are also teaching.  What is the difference between 'teaching' and 'training'? The definition of Training is "a process by which someone is taught the skills needed for an art, profession or job".  The definition of Teaching is "imparting knowledge of or skill in; giving instruction in"  so...there isn't too much difference between the two. When you are training someone to do a job or a task - you are also teaching them.

After we have discussed all three of the steps to effective training - we will come back to the Teach step and really break down the details of a great training program.  For now - I just want to stress a couple of things about this step.

  1. Be specific about what you are teaching
  2. Provide plenty of detail
  3. Tell the learner why they are required to do the task a certain way
  4. Do not assume anything. Don't take anything for granted.
Obviously - the type of training that you will need to provide to your employees is going to depend on your industry/organization. Let's say you own a law firm: When you hire a new lawyer you don't have to train them how to be a lawyer...that's what they went to law school for!  If you are hiring a receptionist- you won't have to train them how to use a computer or answer a phone - but you may have to train them to use your phone system or software of computer programs that your firm uses. If you own a restaurant to retail store - you will have train your employees how to operate your register system, stock shelves, prepare food, clean...and the list goes on.

Let's take a look at one very basic and necessary task that you will need to require of your employees not only if they are handling food but also if they are dealing with customers, handling money, handling merchandise...pretty much any time you have employees who are dealing with or working with other people. That task is hand washing!!  By now you know that I have a background in food service so this is one of my hot button items.  I worry that many people think that hand washing is only needed if you are handling food but that is simply not true.  If your employees are human - they have bacteria on their bodies and hands...and they use the restroom! Any employee who is working with the public or other employees must be trained to properly wash their hands.  This is something that people take for granted - but it is too important to neglect. 
Don't assume that everyone knows how and when to wash their hands. 

That is just one example and I will go into more detail on all the points of training- this has just been a sneak peek!

Next time: Observe/Evaluate!!

Training is not a one - time event - it is an ongoing journey...Learn it...Live it...Pass it on!

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