Sunday, December 16, 2012

Relax and be thankful

Today I am not going to talk about Training or documentation or anything work related. Today I just want to relax and be thankful that everyone in my family is safe.  I have a great nephew who is the age of those sweet innocent children who were slaughtered on Friday. The even scarier part is that he lives in CT - when someone told me there had been a school shooting in CT it sent a chill through me since I have several great nieces and nephews who attend school in CT. I know to the girl who was telling me it probably seemed like a million miles away - since we were in Southern PA - I was very relieved to talk to my sister and find out that although it was close to where she lives - no one she knew was harmed.

So - as I said - today - the third Sunday in Advent - it is a good day to clear our minds of the negative and just relax, be happy and say a prayer for the families who are grieving a tremendous loss today.

God Bless us...everyone

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